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Aqualabo offers a range of products for drinking water for in-line testing needs, in ponds or in the laboratory.


Instrumentation is a major factor in the Aquaculture field, since it acts directly on health, optimizing the growth of fish as well as the safety of the environmental in which they grow. 


Control over the management of the dissolved oxygen content in pond water is essential, but monitoring pH levels, temperature and conductivity are also important. Finally, the monitoring of ammonia (giving an indication of the volumes of organic decomposition in the water) as well as nitrates and nitrites is vital.





Aqualabo offers a full range of simple, reliable and accurate equipment dedicated to this activity, but can also support the measurement, analysis and control of installations of all sizes ranging from a few ponds to several dozen, including sea farms.

The Aqualabo Aquaculture offer consists of field analysis devices and instruments via:


  • Digital sensors for water quality measurement of pH parameters, dissolved oxygen, Temperature, ORP, conductivity, freshwater or seawater turbidity on stationary (ACTEON 5000/Module 4001) or portable (ODEON) equipment, or stand-alone on-line with our AquaConnect' solution,
  • Pond level and volume control devices.
  • Remote management equipment to control the entire plant from a supervisory workstation, but also to control the renewal of water, air compressors, food dispensers, aerators, etc.
  • Quick analysis/reagent kits in a small case that are customizable to your needs.


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