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Aqualabo equips Sagéau's technicians

Sagéau is a French company based in Landiras (33). It is specialised in the sale and maintenance of devices related to Individual Sanitation or Non-Collective Sanitation and Rainwater Management for individuals and professionals. The company has developed a network of franchises throughout France, making it the leading network of professionals specialising in Non-Collective Sanitation and Rainwater Management. Sagéau offers its customers a turnkey service, from sales to commissioning and maintenance, and also provides repair services for all brands.
In addition, Sagéau is a member of the Departmental Charter for the quality of Non-Collective Sanitation (ANC) in Gironde. This charter, a collection of good practices for ANC professionals and local authorities responsible for controlling installations, requires that quality controls be carried out on water before it is discharged into the natural environment. These controls focus in part on the dissolved oxygen content of the water discharged.

In this context, Sagéau has chosen to equip each of its technicians with a portable oximeter in order to carry out these controls during maintenance services. In order to be able to carry out additional monitoring and control measurements, Sagéau wanted to supplement one of the multiparameters with sensors.
Aqualabo's Odeon multiparameter met this need perfectly, which is why Sagéau equipped itself with four ODEON OPEN ONE multiparameters, four OPTOD sensors, a PHEHT sensor (pH, Redox and Temperature) and a MES5 sensor (TSS and Mud film).

The main points of this meeting :
- The technical support offered thanks to on-site training of technicians by our sales representative Romain Terisse
- Its ease of use because all the sensors are compatible with the Odeon
- Its modularity because it can be completed with other sensors or with the PHOTOPOD Photometer
- Its robustness because it is a proven field device
- The accuracy of the measurements offered thanks to high-performance digital sensors
- French manufacture, a guarantee of quality and ecological commitment

training at Sagéau

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