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Drinking Water






Aqualabo offers a range of products for in-pond and/or laboratory based in-line testing of drinking water


Aqualabo designs turnkey laboratories to monitor drinking water stations and networks. We have several hundred products referenced worldwide.


Our dedicated products for this application include:

  • Turbidity probes for resource tracking and pre-processing (NTU Digital Probe).
  • Our STACSENSE UV254 probe for absorbance measurement at 254 nm and TOC
  • High precision low turbidity measurement pack for treated water (S200Tur)
  • Ranges of spectrophotometers along with our accurate and competitively priced reagents.
  • Our range of field analysis kits for monitoring the main parameters (Chlorine, Alkalinity, Iron, Calcium, etc.).
  • Our online analyzer for bacteria activity moniroting (E.coli, coliform, total bacteria activity) BACTcontrol
  • Devices for toxicity measurement TOXmini (portable device) and iTOX (stationary analyzer)


Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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